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Zen and the Sword are One

Zen and the Sword are One

"Kenzen ichi nyo - the art of Zen and the Sword - become one. Zen is the Sword. The Sword is Zen."

A. R. Basov, Samurai. Spirit of the Warrior

Картина: Самурай, Катана. Дзэн и Меч - Одно
(acrylic paint, paper)


1. Prints with the Certificate of Authenticity (numbered, signed and sealed by the Artist) - Limited Edition of 20 prints of each size:

A3 - $ 120, A2 - $ 150

Most digital artworks can be printed in A3 and A2 size, but we also make custom size prints - bigger or smaller. We can specify the size of any art piece from our gallery in centimeters or inches, just send us a message!

2. A postcard

Size: A5
Price: $ 5
20 postcards: $ 80! (+ the price of delivery)

3. A semi-traditional painting

It turns a print into something more special by adding details with traditional media. The price depends on the amount of details. Can be done on canvas or on paper.


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